Migrating to WordPress

The beastie...on the prowl.

The beastie...on the prowl.

I love Apple, in all its various forms and incarnations. What I dislike, however, it’s iWeb’s inability to easily manage and interface with the rest of the world…or the ‘net. So, I’ve decided to blog over here, at WordPress.

Who am I? Nobody famous. Yet. Or ever. I write. I write a lot. I, like every other aspiring writer in Hollywood, have a spec script or two under my belt. I also have a spec pilot nearly complete, and that, too, will join the ranks of the ‘sent out for a read’ pile.

Here’s hoping this blog will chronicle my burgeoning career. Or at least keep you entertained as you begin your own. Maybe you’ll learn what not to do! Or, even better, what to do for success.

We’ll see. I’ve had incredible opportunities in the past, entrées into the biz that I foolishly – through inexperience and poor guidance – let slip through my fingers. Now, somewhat older and hopefully wiser, I am working to make those lucky opportunities happen again.

So not the question becomes, do I put my old blogs up here, or do I leave them as they were and just begin anew? Hmmm. Things to ponder.

Happy Wednesday.


Tonight’s activity: Hollywood Bowl with my stepdaughter, since her date bailed.